Is Valentin Lusin (36) too modest? Last Friday, the native Russian won the popular dance show Let’s Dance with his partner Anna Ermakova (23). Many spectators fell in love with the couple, who, according to the jury, danced at a professional level. But how will valentine deal with his great success on the show? In the celebrity flashinterview, his wife Renata Lusin (35) revealed that she hopes that valentine is prouder of himself!

In the celebrity flashinterview after the finale of “Let’s Dance”. renata valentines great modesty. “I’m the one who’s been praising him for 20 years and saying, valentineyou are my role model, you make the best choreos. And valentine says stop praising me – he just keeps going and says it’s not good enough, he has to be good”the 35-year-old gave an insight into her husband’s mental life.

Now wishes renatathat the victory at “Let’s Dance” valentine gives an ego push. “I hope that now he’s prouder of himself, more confident in life and maybe bolder about things. […] I hope he believes in himself more now and trusts his feelings.”said the dance athlete.