What is Matthias Höhn (27) and Michelle Simöl’s current living situation like? The former Berlin – day & night actor and the beauty were a couple for around a year and a half. After several weeks of rumors that their love was in trouble, they made their separation public in early March. During their relationship, the web stars lived together in an apartment – how much has that changed since then?

Across from celebrity flash betrayed Michelle: “We furnished the apartment together and also moved in there as a couple. However, the apartment is simply too big for me alone.” It was therefore never an option for her to continue living there. “So the apartment is left to Matze and that’s a good thing.”she stressed.

So far, neither have Michelle Matze also commented on the reason for the separation. However, the love-off seems to bother both of them quite a bit. The TikToker told in an interview with celebrity flash: “A breakup is never easy.” His ex-wife made it clear: “The separation caused me a lot of grief at first, but now I’m doing a lot better and I can look forward positively.”

Source: celebtap.com