Phillip’s health has ruined his big plans. The excavator driver has already lost a whopping 51 kilograms at Life made easy. In the last challenge before the finale, the contestants had to conquer a 1,400-meter-high mountain – with the particular challenge of taking the weight they lost on the show with them in the form of stones in backpacks. Then they had to bring the stones to the finish line one by one over a distance of 300 meters. Phillip took up the challenge but had to give up on a doctor’s advice.

“When I ran up for the fifth time, I noticed how dizzy I was,” said the 27-year-old on the show. He saw the path twice and got severe chest pains. He then asked the camp doctor if this was normal. But he explained: “Your pulse is way too fast, your blood pressure way too low. You can’t really breathe.” The doctor even had to take him out of the race – devastating news for Phillip: “You worked your butt off and gave it your all for 12 weeks and in the last week you’re kicked out.”

The protégé of Ramin Abtin (50) had previously emphasized that his health was weakening: “I just feel drained and sick, like I have the flu.” He then went back to bed to get some strength before the challenge.