Life made easy wasn’t her final destination! For 20 weeks, Valentina faced the ultimate weight loss competition and competed against her fellow competitors in exhausting workouts. And with success: the 35-year-old was able to lose a total of 64.7 kilos. In the grand finale, she was rewarded for her perseverance and crowned the winner of the relay. Now Valentina revealed that she has more big plans!

Across from Picture the office worker revealed that she would like to take part in the dance show Let’s Dance. “I would like to dance a passionate tango with Massimo Sinató (42)”, Valentina openly admitted. She also speculated: “He’s also Italian – we would harmonize perfectly.” She doesn’t appear to be shy, because since she lost a lot of weight, Valentina feels comfortable in her own skin again.

But the Hessian hasn’t always struggled with being overweight. There is a sad story behind her weight gain. “At the time I weighed 55 kilos and I was fine with myself,” explained Valentina and then continues: “But my boyfriend was jealous. He wanted me to feel ugly and just be there for him.” The blonde then ate a lot and gained a lot of weight.