Marc-Robin shares again against his ex! In the fourth season of Temptation Island, the man from Karlsruhe made his reality TV debut with his ex-girlfriend Michelle Kmy. At the moment, the former couple wants to prove their team spirit separately at Prominent. The reality star has already used this opportunity to smear his former affair – Mrs.Marlisa thought his statements were disrespectful. Across from celebrity flash explained Marc Robin Now, what bothers him about the influencer!

His problem with the TV personality was “that she just can’t be discreet”. In the celebrity flash-Interview he tells: “Everywhere she has to trumpet everything. Like a 15-year-old who was shagged for the first time – just embarrassing and turn-off.” In the reality show, he didn’t pay attention to her feelings because he had “told her thousands of times to let the shit be”. Therefore was Marc Robin probably at the end of his patience. “But then I also say that their behavior is a lousy turnoff,” he explains.

With his ex-girlfriend, however, he could not score with this attitude. Michelle was after Marc Robins Statement clearly annoyed and took Marlisa in protection. “Michelle is just a great person”, he explains her behavior and adds: Marlisa would not have acted that way.”