Social media has long been an integral part of our daily lives. The Canadian shocker “Dinfluencer – Trend Or Dying” already shows one of the dark sides of this development in the trailer.

“Deinfluencer – Trend Or Dying” is a new contribution to the topic of torture horror, which has faded into the background in recent years. Likewise, the tear should also be a commentary on the status of social media in our modern society. The film was shown on big screens in Turkey, the Philippines and Japan, while heading straight to North America in December 2022.

In this country, “Dinfluencer – Trend Or Dying” will be released on Blu-ray and DVD on March 31, 2023. Both drives, for which the distributor has requested an FSK-18 rating, are already available for pre-order from online retailers such as Amazon:

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This is what “Dinfluencer – Trend Or Dying” is all about: Kelly (Marie Luciani-Grimaldi) is a high school cheerleader who is popular far beyond her school, she has already built a great social media presence and is thriving as an online influencer. But in a matter of hours, Kelly’s simply perfect young life turns into a nightmare.

Because one of her fanatical followers (Simon Phillips) is stalking Kelly in real life. The man violently incapacitates the girl, kidnaps her to his house outside the city and ties her to a chair. In front of the live webcam, the bizarrely masked man now wants to perform an insane experiment with her.

Kelly has to collect a drastically increasing number of likes for her account in less and less time – one way or another. If that doesn’t work, he threatens to kill her on the live stream. In her life-and-death struggle, she must recruit new fans in increasingly extreme ways. She also looks for a way to call for help or escape…

“Deinfluencer”: The creators and the cast

This Was America director Jamie Bailey directs Deinfluencer. The Canadian shared the script work with his male lead, Simon Phillips. Phillips already has a lot of experience with indie horror, having played key roles in films such as Butchers, The Fearway and the Christmas shocker Once Upon A Time At Christmas. Most recently, the Briton was also in front of the camera for two thrillers with ex-superstar Bruce Willis: “Killing Field” and “Fortress – hour of reckoning”.

Newcomer Marie Luciani-Grimaldi can be seen in her feature debut as a victim of kidnapping and torture. Also present are Caylin Turner from the TV series Trapped, Anne-Carolyne Binette (World Ends At Camp Z) and Jason Sedlar (Ash & Dust).

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