Peter Klein (55) raves about Yvonne Woelke (41)! Actually, the husband of Iris Klein (55) was only there to accompany Lucas Cordalis (55) at the jungle camp – but he learned in Australia Yvonne Wolke know. After iris accused him of cheating, he broke up and admitted he had feelings for Yvonne to have developed. find now Peter yet another positive word for the actress.

In an interview with RTL the pink hearts could be read from the eye of the former bodybuilder. “But I say you can’t do anything about your feelings”he admitted and confessed that Yvonne meanwhile make his heart beat faster. “I like her style, I like her personality, I like her looks. I like her type, her style too. I just like everything about her,” he continued to adore her, hinting that he was definitely more involved with the 41st week -year-olds could imagine.

Is it running? Peter and Yvonne now more? Just last week, the two were spotted together in a Berlin hardware store – they seemed very familiar and obviously sought physical contact with each other. “No comments”he now smiled at the pictures.