Lisa-Marie Schiffner (21) is proud of herself! The influencer regularly inspires her fans online with insights into her life, lifestyle and beauty tips or great photographs. This enabled her to build up a community and her own business at a young age. This is now paying off and she can fulfill a big dream: Lisa-Marie is building her own house with her boyfriend!

“After almost three years of preparation, paperwork, patience, waiting time, the time has finally come – my house construction has started”the 21-year-old shares with her fans Instagram with. In the first snapshots, Lisa-Marie is already posing on the construction site on her property and is grinning from ear to ear. A hand on the floor plan also reveals that your partner is also part of the party.

Lisa-Marie already has big plans for her own house. “I know it’s not just the process of owning a home, but a possible home for my future family. My goal in 2023 is to arrive”the Austrian explains emotionally.