She gives her fans intimate insights! Anna Maria Damm (27) became a mother for the second time at the end of April. In 2018 she gave birth to a daughter – little Eliana. And just a few weeks ago, she was able to look forward to a sister named Kaia. What is it like for the former GNTM candidate to be a mother of two: Receives ann Maria enough sleep?

In her latest YouTubevideo, the influencer not only talks about the birth, but also about how her everyday life is currently going. Get lots of sleep ann Maria not: “I have a shitty rhythm anyway because I get up every two hours to breastfeed her.” She also puts her eldest daughter to bed – and usually falls asleep with her. “But I have to wake up again for Kaia,” she explains.

Between breastfeeding and falling asleep again and again, she actually slept in at some point – but that in the middle of the night! Then ann Maria doesn’t need more than six hours of sleep. Thanks to her fiancé Julian Gutjahr (26), she still manages everyday life when she gets tired.