Sarah Harrison (31) shows what she can do. In 2020, the former Bachelor candidate and her husband Dominic (31) announced that they wanted to move to Dubai with their daughters Mia (5) and Kyla (2). In mid-December the time had come: the small family emigrated to the United Arab Emirates. They have now been living in their new adopted country for more than two years. Yes it can Sarah actually Arabic?

In a video on the YouTubechannel of Fiona Erdmann (34) and her partner Mo, the 31-year-old proved her language skills. “Mia taught me something”, the influencer revealed to the couple. But she can’t really converse in Arabic. Use a sentence Sarah but gladly: “Yalla Habibi” – that means something like “Come on”.

But even if Sarah If she does not speak the official language of her adopted country, she can no longer imagine returning to Germany. “I feel so comfortable here, free and safe. You can really lead a wonderful life here.”the TV notoriety had in her last month Instagram-Story raved.