All that glitters is not gold! Every year numerous stars and starlets gather at the Met Gala. After all, the event at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City is the fashion event of the year. As is well known, hostess Anna Wintour (73) looks meticulously to who is invited to the exclusive event. However, singer Lizzo (35) does not seem to like much about the Met Gala and explains how it really works behind the scenes!

“There’s a bloody long line. I’m sure I’ll take the glamor out of you, but it’s true. You have to wait a long time.”explains the rapper Instagram on. But that’s not all: “There are no chairs, no cocktails,” counts Lizzo further on. In addition, in her opinion, the alcohol was “stingy” because there was only red and white wine.

The invitations to the spectacle are not only quite exclusive, but also quite expensive! Loud TheMirror a single ticket should cost the equivalent of 29,960 euros. The price for a specially booked table is even around 247,000 euros!