She’s proudly showing off her Baby Ball! Kim-Denise Lang (25) became known in 2021 through her participation in the dome show The Bachelor. The blonde could not convince the bachelor, but a short time later she met the chauffeur of the show. After this relationship broke up, she dated ex-Bachelorette candidate Raphael Fasching (25). It is unclear whether the two are still a couple, but last year the 25-year-old surprisingly announced: she is pregnant! Kim-Denise is now sharing a sweet baby bump photo online.

On the Instagrampost, the mother-to-be holds her spherical belly in front of the camera. “Hey baby, we look forward to seeing you,” she writes under the pictures. She also shares a poem about pregnancy under the caption, describing the emotional chaos she is currently going through. Your fans are visibly excited about the snapshots. “You are a beautiful pregnant woman,” comments one follower. Another fan is sure: “The baby will be loved so much.”

The blonde only announced her pregnancy online in December last year. Luckily she held an ultrasound image in the lens and beamed it all over her face. “Next year there will be three of us – unbelievable,” she enthused under the post. Her fans were happy with her at the time about the news. Kim-Denise has not revealed who the baby’s father is.