Loredana Wollny (19) had a bad experience during her pregnancy! In August 2022, Silvia Wollny’s (58) daughter announced that she was expecting her first baby. At the time, the TV personality was just 18 years old. During her pregnancy, the Wollny baby received support from her family and her partner Servet. But now it has been revealed that Loredana had to be hospitalized prematurely during her pregnancy!

The Wollnys showed how Loredanas Gynecologist Kornelia Andresen feared that the then 18-year-old could go into premature labor five weeks before her due date. The pregnant woman suffered from groin pain. “I hardly feel any pressure on the cervix holding it down there”, explained the doctor. she decided Loredana to be admitted directly to the hospital.

Then broke Loredana in tears for fear for her child. She found support with her sister Estefania Wollny (21). “I wanted to cry too, but I tried to calm her down”said Estefania in retrospect. The news also upset her mother Silva. However, in the hospital, the doctors found that with Loredana and the baby is okay.

Source: celebtap.com