Loredana Wollny (19) has clear plans for raising her son. In December last year, the TV personality became a mother for the first time: together with her partner Servet, she welcomed a little son into the world. The little one goes by the name of Aurelio and is the pride of his parents. In addition to German, Turkish should also become his mother tongue.

Revealed in her Instagram story Loredanathat it was her wish to raise her son bilingually. Apparently, however, she is also aware that this could not necessarily be easy. So she clarified: “If it gets too difficult for Aurelio, he will grow up speaking his mother tongue.” What might make things easier: Most of Loredanas Family lives in Turkey.

The relationship with Servet is currently going very well. “[Wir] are happy and enjoy the time together”, emphasized the Die Wollnys personality. The couple is now even engaged. When the wedding will take place is still uncertain.

Source: celebtap.com