Pietro Lombardi (30) is struggling with health problems. Everything seems to be going like clockwork for the singer at the moment. In his private life, the musician is currently enjoying a baby: his fiancée Laura Maria Rypa (27) gave birth to their first baby together a few months ago. Professionally, everyone is currently talking about the DSDS jury. But now he reported with bad news: Pietro is in pretty bad shape.

In its Instagramstory, the “Cinderella” interpreter reported with an update on his health. “Team Lombardi, sorry I haven’t been active lately. Unfortunately, it hit me hard and I’ve lost eight kilos in the last four days and I’m feeling abnormally weak right now.”he said.

To protect his small family, the 30-year-old is currently isolating himself. But that makes it difficult for him: “Especially the distance to my wife and [meinen] children currently because of the risk of infection pulls me down”gave Peter price.

Source: celebtap.com