Ian Somerhalder (44) and Paul Wesley (40) probably suffered a lot from the drinking habits of their Vampire Diaries roles! The last episode of the successful vampire series, which had delighted millions of viewers for years, ran six years ago. A total of eight seasons with 171 episodes were filmed. The brother duo also liked to grab a whiskey in many scenes – and that became ian and Paul doom!

Like the Stephan actor now in an interview with Page Six reveals that ice tea was substituted for the alcohol during the filming of the first season. “We were insanely anxious because there was so much caffeine in it”, he explained. Because of the many repetitions, they would have had to drink tea by the liter: “You drink 20 to 30 cups of tea and at the end of the day you’re like, ‘Ahh!’ We do not have [geschlafen]”, said his series colleague. In the following seasons, however, they switched to herbal tea.

But they didn’t only deal with whiskey on set – the two former co-stars now sell their own bourbon! “We stood in front of the camera together for eight years, now we’re starting a company. That’s something special.”had ian across from celebrity flash told when they went to the market with their drink in 2020.

Source: celebtap.com