Louis Tomlinson (31) and Liam Payne (29) are apparently still close buddies. The two musicians know each other from their time together with the group One Direction. The boy band had turned them both into absolute heartthrobs. After the end of the band, however, they went their own way. So celebrated Louis most recently the premiere of his documentary – and liam was there. And thanks for that Louis to his friend now.

At Twitter directs Louis himself now with warm words liam. “A very special thanks to liam for being there for me. That means the world to me. love you buddy”says the 31-year-old. liam not only supported his buddy on the red carpet of the premiere, but also shared on his Instagramprofile also has a sweet tribute: “My neck hurts just thinking about how much I look up to you. You were already my friend and my brother, but looking through that window into your world and mind leaves my respect still growing.”

Louis‘ Film is titled ‘All Of Those Voices’ and the Brit seems to have been waiting for this for a long time. “This is something I’ve been working on for years and I’m really excited to finally bring it to the world”he rejoiced Instagram. The content is said to deal with both his solo career and his One Direction time.

Source: celebtap.com