Schäfer Heinrich (56) is just unlucky in love. In 2008 he was looking for a suitable lady-in-waiting for his farm at Bauer sucht Frau. But the show didn’t bring him any great feelings – and in the years that followed it just didn’t work out with the women and the sympathetic sheep lover. Now Heinrich had a brief flirt – but nothing came of it…

Across from Picture tells Heinrich about his next love failure. He was just beginning to hope for a romance: something had started with a woman from Leipzig, and she even visited him at his farm! But the raging flame died out before it could properly burn, despite all the best efforts of the former Realitystars contestant. “But that was nothing. There was an unfounded jealousy scene”he says disappointed.

But Heinrich has one big wish – he not only wants to find the right woman, but also wants to have children! Then he should take over the farm. “Of course I know that at my age it’s high time I wanted children”, he is realistic. A Heinrich Junior is not in sight after the next love disappointment.