Will they try again? Gisele Bundchen (42) and Tom Brady (45) had long been considered the flagship couple par excellence, but then it became increasingly clear that the two were in a serious marital crisis. Divorce followed last year, although the two former lovebirds did not see this as an option for a long time – for the benefit of their children together. However, a psychologist now seems certain: The chance for a love comeback at Gisele and Tom is relatively high!

In the talk with The Sun says therapist Jo Hemmings: “Tom and Gisele want to show their best side via social media. But their posts also very often contain cryptic messages that show that the two do miss what they lack without each other.” However, the psychologist explains that the ex-couple has to make compromises and, if necessary, go to couples therapy so that a second attempt at love is successful.

Also, unthought-out decisions are by no means in the interests of their children. The expert also states: “Should Gisele and Tom If you decide to come back, you have to be absolutely sure that you have overcome your problems in the past.” It is said that one of the reasons for the breakup was that Tom his football career was “too important”. Since the former quarterback has now ended it, nothing seems to stand in the way of the love comeback.

Source: celebtap.com