Does it spark again between these couples? With Prominent Separate, well-known ex-couples meet again to secure the victory of the show as a strong team. The deceased live under one roof and have to put their disputes on the back burner. While some separated couples are rekindling their War of the Roses, others can’t seem to keep their hands off each other. In the current episode, two ex-couples get pretty close.

In a warm bath, Kate Merlan (36) and her husband Jakub Merlan-Jarecki (27) cannot keep their hands off each other. In a later one-to-one conversation, Jakub then admits that he has never loved a woman as much as Kate. She then replies: “I need you, and that’s why I would take every chance.” The two spouses then cuddle up in bed and promise to take it easy from now on.

But not only Kate and Jakub bond in a hot bath. Gloria Glumac and Nikola Glumac also relax together in the bathtub. “I can’t concentrate at all, I just have to look at your lips,” says the blonde. A little later, the two are kissing wildly. Gloria lets her ex know that she thinks it’s really hot when he shows himself to be self-confident and strong in opinion.