What’s really going on between Khloé Kardashian (38) and her ex Tristan Thompson (32)? During their years of on-off relationship, the NBA star had an affair with Maralee Nichols, which even resulted in a child in December 2021. Shortly thereafter followed the final separation of Khloé and Tristan. Nevertheless, the two decided to have a second baby with the help of a surrogate mother. Despite the ongoing love drama, they seem to be Khloé and Tristan now getting closer…

An insider revealed this in an interview with OK!: “Khloé says she’s single, but privately she’s acting like she is Tristan her husband. They’re doing everything together.” The 32-year-old spends most of his time at his ex’s house. “He’s usually there in the morning for breakfast and at noon and all day long. They spend most evenings in bed and hang out together,” the informant also reported.

“They’re not dating – but they act like a couple and aren’t free to be with other people either.”, the source also says. Nevertheless should Tristan very interested in a love comeback: “Tristan desperately asks for her forgiveness and for her to love him again. In the past she has forgiven him, but now it seems the only way for Khloé to be controlling him.”

Source: celebtap.com