Are the rumors of a crisis actually true? Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo (38) and his partner Georgina Rodriguez (29) are actually considered the dream couple – the two have been going through life together for seven years and lead a happy life with the kids. Now, however, rumors have been circulating that the relationship is said to be in bad shape. The brunette only cares about herself. uttered now Georgina join the speculation!

In your Instagram-Story shared Georgina auspicious lines. “The envious makes up the rumour, the gossip spreads it and the idiot believes it”, wrote the 29-year-old. Although she did not go into detail, it could well be that the beauty refers to the current rumors about a love crisis.

It wasn’t until the beginning of April Georgina spoke highly of the first encounter with her current partner. “When I saw him he was so handsome that I felt uncomfortable looking at him. Let’s just say I had butterflies in my stomach.”she had opposite sherbet blurted out.