Didn’t he disguise himself so well? On Saturday the time had finally come – the big The Masked Singer finale was coming up. After Melissa Khalaj (33) was exposed as Terrycloth and Patricia Kelly (53) as Mystica, the last battle was on. The hedgehog and the shoebill competed against each other. In the end, the Schuhschnabel was able to win – and behind it was none other than Luca Hänni (28). For Lucas It came as no surprise to the family though!

“Everyone said, ‘When you took the first step, we recognized you'”reveals the former Let’s Dance participant after his victory editor. Above all, his mother knew immediately, he reveals. The Swiss could hardly keep it a secret.

But not only Lucas Family was sure that the shoebill was the singing talent. His former DSDS rival Daniele Negroni (27) was also sure from the start: “At ‘The Masked Singer‘ my colleague is there. I realized that – the Shoebill is definitely luca Haenni. I’m 1000 percent sure of that.”he had opposite celebrity flash reveal.

Source: celebtap.com