It could have turned out a lot worse! Patrice Aminati, the wife of TV presenter Daniel Aminati (49), has had to walk a rocky road in recent weeks because she is suffering from cancer. In fact, it is a malignant tumor and the blonde knew that she should not take the disease lightly. But Patrice now has positive news for her fans because: Apparently your last surgery was a complete success!

In the talk with Picture the only 29-year-old announces that she was probably allowed to see the detailed results of several health examinations. She describes: “Everything was caught during the operation – the tumor and also the affected lymph nodes. I was lucky.” The first step towards a cancer-free future has been taken with the operation, yes Patrice also explains: “But it’s not over yet. Without the immunotherapy that follows immediately, it won’t work.”

Recently, the wife of Daniel Aminatithat her illness is a major psychological burden for her. “What belongs to this disease is waiting”she explained, going on to say, “Waiting for investigations, waiting for results, waiting for it to end.”