An inquest is currently underway into the tragic death of Lucy Howell, who died due to complications during childbirth.

The research aims to determine whether Lucy would have survived if she had opted for a second caesarean section instead of a natural delivery.

Lucy had previously given birth to her first daughter, Rosie, via caesarean section and had required surgery to repair scars.

She expressed her wish for a second child and asked if natural childbirth would be possible.

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Dr. Khazali, who had previously treated Lucy, advised against natural childbirth but also acknowledged that there are differing views on the matter. Many midwives can support a natural delivery if the patient is aware of the risks.

While giving birth to her second child, Pippa, at the Royal Hampshire County Hospital, Winchester, Lucy suffered an amniotic fluid embolism and a ruptured uterus.

Unfortunately, she did not survive, although her daughter did. Professor Lucas, a pathologist at Guys & St Thomas’ Hospital, where Lucy’s post mortem examination was conducted, explained that he believed Lucy’s death was caused by the amniotic fluid embolism, not the uterine rupture.

The coroner tries to understand why Dr. Khazali was not passed on to Lucy’s midwife and why it was not taken into account during her treatment. The inquest continues and Lucy’s family is understandably devastated at their loss.

The Area Coroner for Hampshire, Rosamund Rhodes-Kemp, sent her condolences to the family and acknowledged the distress caused by the tragedy.