Luisa shares insights into her time at Make Love, Fake Love! The beauty took part in the reality TV show with her boyfriend Max Bornmann. There she had to watch how the former Cologne 50667 actor became intimate with the influencer Yeliz Koc (29). This time was anything but easy for the blonde. Now she blurted out: Luisa had a violent panic attack on the set!

Luisa talked about this in a statement in her Instagramstory, which she has since deleted. “I saw the bathtub scene and I kind of collapsed,” the beauty shared. When she then the same day the pictures of Yeliz and Max’s first night together, she couldn’t anymore. “After that I had a really, really bad panic attack and couldn’t do anything for a few hours afterwards. I couldn’t talk anymore and then I was given medication.”she let her fans know.

A world collapsed for her at that moment. “I saw everything pass me by, I didn’t think about anything anymore,” she said. “That was the worst moment of my life. But of course from then on it got really bad”Luisa revealed.