North West’s (9) gift was probably a bit too much for the fans. As the daughter of Kim Kardashian (42), the nine-year-old knows a life of luxury. She has a particularly close relationship with her mother and often appears with her online and in public. The day before the Met Gala, North Kim made a very special gift – but it didn’t go down well with the fans.

In your Instagram-Story shares Kim proud with what North surprised her. The girl treated her mum to a luxe spa day before heading to the Met Gala the next day. “How sweet North “surprised me with this today to relax before the Met Gala,” the entrepreneur wrote North responsible for it. On the platform Reddit tear up the surprise: “Why is she just lying like that? No nine year old would or could do that… Why can she North don’t just let it be nine years old.”

But even if North at the surprise for Kim had help, this shows once again how much mum and daughter love each other. The entrepreneur made that clear just a few days ago when she posted a picture of her eldest on the internet. She captioned the cool photo like this: “My best girl friend.”