Lynsey Bartilson Bio, Career Achievements, Movies and TV Series

Lynsey Bartilson Bio, Career Achievements, Movies and TV Series

Lynsey Bartilson is an American television actress, singer, and dancer, widely known for her portrayal of Lily Finnerty in the popular television comedy series Grounded for Life, as well as her other appearances on television shows such as Married…with Children, Malcolm in the Middle, Joan’s Day Out, Party of Five, Bones and The X’s. In addition to her work as an actress, Lynsey is an activist and acts as an international youth spokesperson for human rights. She also spends her time performing in sketch comedies and parodies, including “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,” “Whatever That Is” and “Hosting Duties.

Lynsey Bartilson – Biography

Born in Minnesota on July 1, 1983, he was the son of Laurie Bartilson and Stanley Wayne Bartilson. She is of mixed-race descent: Ashkenazi-Jewish, English, French, Norwegian and Irish. She has one sibling named Matthew Bartilson. Lynsey’s family moved to Los Angeles when she was four years old, where she began a career as a child actress. There is no information about where she attended high school or college, nor what subject she studied at the tertiary level.

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Lynsey is a member of the Church of Scientology, to which she has belonged since childhood. The actress is deeply involved in the activities of the organization, including the activities of Youths for Human Rights International, where she currently serves as an international spokesperson. She hosted the 2014 International Youth for Human Rights Day ceremony in Los Angeles along with several prominent Scientologists, including Leisa Goodman.

Lynsey Bartilson – Bio, Career Achievements, Movies and TV Series
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In her personal life, Lynsey Bartilson is no longer a single woman. She is married to Cru Moore, her longtime partner. The lovebirds began dating sometime in 2014, and their relationship blossomed over the years. They decided to make things official on September 4, 2016, by making their way to the altar. Their marriage was blessed with a child. The couple greeted their son Robert Camden Moore shortly after they entered into the bond of marriage. Lynsey and her family live together in their beautiful home in Los Angeles.

Career Achievements

Lynsey first appeared on television as the host of a show called Kidsongs when she was only seven years old. This was followed by her acting debut in The Good Life, a popular NBC sitcom. She played the character of Barney Singer. The role helped her launch her career and opened up more opportunities in the acting world. She then appeared on other television shows, including Married…with Children, Suddenly Susan, and Jack and Jane.

Over the years, Lynsey Bartilson has managed to find work frequently on television and in short films. Her resume includes dozens of acting loans, and she has gained millions of fans who admire her work and keep up with her new projects. She is revered by viewers and colleagues alike for her warm personality and acting talent. Lynsey has starred in When I was a Boy, The Nightmare Room, That ’70s Show, Strong Medicine, Struck, and Bad Roomies. Although she has not won any awards in her career, Lynsey has received a number of honors and recognitions for her acting skills and humanitarian work.

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Movies and TV Series

Lynsey Bartilson has appeared in more than two dozen films and television shows in both leading and guest roles. Her most notable performances include The Good Life, Children’s Songs in which she herself played the leading role, Married … with children as Megan, Mrs. Santa Claus as Nora Kilkenny, The Faculty as Sarah, Moloney starring as Erin Heeney, When I was a Boy as Jac Benson, A Rat’s Tale as Isabella Noble-Rat, 7th Heaven as Terri, and Suddenly Susan, in which she played the role of Dina.

Lynsey Bartilson – Bio, Career Achievements, Movies and TV Series
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The talented young actress has also been cast in a number of other series. She played Tammy Sue in That ’70s Show, Gloria Mandelbaum in Zoe, Duncan, Jack and Jane, Nikki Kurasek in Early Edition, Lilly Finnerty in Grounded for Life, Cynthia Beck in Philly, Cindy in The Nightmare Room, Malika in Fillmore!, Samantha Lightstone in Judging Amy, Rina Dobler in Strong Medicine and Danielle in Malcolm in the Middle.

Lynsey Bartilson has received much praise and admiration for her performances, and many of her performances have been featured in commercially successful shows such as NCIS, Bones, NYPD Blue, Chicken Soup for the Soul, The Amanda Show, Good Luck Charlie, The Online Gamer, Shattered, Joan’s Day Out and Struck.

She has also enjoyed a side career as a singer, recording songs such as Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree and This Christmas I Will Give My Love to You.

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