In the new episode of “The Last Of Us”, fans of the video game templates can discover a lot of Easter Eggs again, this time also for the second game. In particular, a character’s appearance should be of great importance for Season 2.


“The Last Of Us” stays very close to the video game template in terms of story, but also offers all sorts of allusions and details from the games, apart from the plot itself, which is sometimes more, sometimes less well hidden. In episode 6, titled “Kin”, the game sequel “The Last Of Us Part II” is now used correctly when the reunion between Joel (Pedro Pascal) and his brother Tommy (Gabriel Luna) from the first game is moved from a dam to the small settlement of Jackson.

While we at least see Jackson from the outside in the first “Last Of Us,” it’s not until the sequel that we enter the sanctuary of the templates. And that was clearly the inspiration for the production version of Jackson in terms of look and feel, in which the streets and especially the light-filled community hall are very reminiscent of their digital counterparts. Aside from these mere location references, however, a very fleeting encounter is particularly exciting (if you can even call it an encounter), which should have greater significance for the future of the series than those unfamiliar with the games currently realize…

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Do we see Dina here yet?

And no, we’re not talking about the trusty horse Shimmer, on which Ellie embarks on a new adventure in “The Last Of Us Part II” and whom she now gets to know in the series. Instead of this does it mean the girl in the scene where Ellie (Bella Ramsey) devours the food in Jackson, curiously watching the new arrivals and eventually leaves after being snubbed by Ellie.

Even knowing the second part “Last Of Us”, this moment is so short and incidental that even players may have missed it that apparently an important character is already being introduced here, who should then play a very essential role in the already confirmed second season. We’re talking about Dinah who forms a very special relationship with Ellie in “Part II”, which is extremely formative for the two characters and their development (we don’t want to get ahead of ourselves at this point).

That’s what the makers say about Dina

Incidentally, in the new edition of the official companion podcast “Last Of Us,” series creator and game creator Neil Druckmann and his co-showrunner Craig Mazin (“Chernobyl”) confirm that the said apparition is actually an Easter egg, even if Mazin does eventually ( worse than good) open whether the girl shown is really Dina or not.

However, there are many indications that this is the case, and not just because the girl in the games looks quite like Dina (because that is not always the deciding factor in an edit, as the “Last Of Us” series has already shown several times) . On the contrary, Neil Druckman also points out in the podcast that Dina talks about how she first saw Ellie at one point in the second game. And it is precisely this story that fits very well with the scene described in episode 6 of the series. You can check out the corresponding game sequence where Dina reveals that she apparently secretly saw the “skinny” Ellie pocketing a lot of food after arriving in Jackson:

Who plays Dina in “The Last Of Us”?

So it looks like Druckman and Mazin have quietly and quietly played key roles for season two without making much of it – assuming we actually see the now mini-debut actress in season 2 as Dinah. But who is this actress really?

As revealed in the credits, (the alleged) Dina is played by newcomer Paolina van Kleef in the “Last Of Us” series., whose role is simply referred to as “Staring Girl” in the credits. Van Kleef was previously only seen in one short film, but will soon have a small supporting role in the Netflix series The Night Agent. At the latest, a big appearance in the second “Last Of Us” season (which probably won’t be released until 2025) should finally boost her career – and also make her Instagram profile even more popular, where you can already get an impression of her to get :

Until then, the focus in Season 1 is still entirely on Joel and Ellie and their odyssey through the mushroom post-apocalypse. It continues in episode 7, which will be released again on the Sky streaming service WOW in this country in the early morning hours next Monday, February 27, 2023.

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