Is Luisa Früh in love again? With her partner at the time, Max Bornmann, the blonde took part in the Make Love, Fake Love format. In this reality show, Yeliz Koc (29) was looking for true love among married men and singles and had to recognize who was serious and who was not. Luisa and Max’s relationship broke up as the latter came very close to gaining bachelor fame. Now the influencer kisses another boy very deeply!

The 21 year old and Luke Kitchens share both in theirs Instagram-Stories numerous photos and videos, on which they appear very intimate and in love. The young entrepreneur was named “Mr. Gay Germany”, but identified as pansexual. Pansexuality means being attracted to others regardless of their gender. So whether the Cologne native really fell in love with the beauty or it was just a friendly kiss is left open by the two.

Recently, there has been speculation as to whether the network’s notoriety is not even dating her ex again. At least Luisa followed her former partner Max again on Instagram. So far, however, the two have not commented on their social media channels.