Would he do it like this again? Yasin Mohamed (31) met his ex-girlfriend Paulina Ljubas (26) at Ex on the Beach. There he actually made it more than clear that there will be no love comeback from his side. However, after Carina Nl had him rebuffed, he looked for a place to sleep next night Pauline – and had sex with her. Regrets Yasin the dalliance today? celebrity flash has asked.

In an interview with celebrity flash speaks Yasin honest about whether he regrets the sweetheart’s hour with his ex. “Hm, I partly regret it. The act itself – my God, I’m sure some people have had sex with their exes. But yeah, the motive was definitely wrong and pretty uncool and rash on my part,” the influencer admits. Finally, after sex, he admitted that Pauline was only the second choice for him at the moment.

To the statement that Pauline was only his second choice, stands Yasin however still today. “In fact, I don’t really regret the statement because it’s just a fact…unfortunately!”the fitness fan makes clear in conclusion.

Source: celebtap.com