Iris Klein (55) was at the Beauty Doc! In the past few months, reality TV awareness had made headlines. She had accused her husband Peter Klein (55) of cheating on her with Yvonne Woelke (41). The two are now separated and want to divorce. The influencer is currently living her life and has even gone on dates, which apparently weren’t. well has iris news again: She got lip puffs!

In your Instagram-Story took iris their community with us on a very special day. She is currently enjoying a break in Bad Ragaz, Switzerland, with her daughter Daniela Katzenberger (36). And good for iris: There is a cosmetics area in her hotel – and that’s where the 55-year-old actually had her lips sprayed. “It’s still swollen,” she explained to her fans.

This isn’t the first time the reality star’s notoriety has paid a visit to a beauty doc. In November 2021, for example, she had her face tightened. Now she can enjoy her new plump lips. What do you say about the result? Vote below!