She caught the robbers in the act! Jojo Siwa (20) recently had to go through a bad moment: the house of “Dance Moms” fame in the San Fernando Valley near Los Angeles was broken into. The thieves struck late at night and are said to have been armed. The police have not yet been able to track down the burglars – Luckily, Jojo has a recording of the perpetrators!

On Snapchat the 19-year-old now posts some photos and videos of the security videos. Clearly recognizable: two men gaining access to her house and then running up the stairs in her entrance hall. “These are all the details that I know so far,” says yoyo and adds angrily. “It makes me sick to see that.” The burglary was “one of the scariest things” she has ever experienced.

As the singer already reported, only her animals were in the house during the act – she herself is currently on vacation on a cruise ship. “No one was hurt, all of our puppies are doing well, there is a lot of material damage but it can all be repaired. I’m just glad my family and puppies are safe.”