James Cameron has made the highest-grossing movies of all time because people keep going to the movies for them. A Dutchman has done this so many times on “Avatar 2” that even Cameron can’t believe it.

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James Cameron has directed three of the four highest-grossing films of all time. “Avatar” tops the charts with over $2.9 billion, “Titanic” ranks third with $2.2 billion, and “Avatar: The Way Of Water” only comes in second with $2.2 billion. The fact that the sequel to “Avatar” is currently behind “Titanic” is only because the shipwreck drama starring Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio is currently back in theaters before its 25th anniversary and people are pouring into the theaters in droves, even though they’ve already seen the film several times. seen times.

No director succeeds in getting people back to the cinema like James Cameron. But how far that sometimes goes, he himself cannot explain, as he made clear in an extensive interview with Time Magazine:

“There was a man in the Netherlands who just saw the film for the 100th time [„Avatar 2“] seen in the cinema. I’m not sure if I want to meet this person”says the successful director.

100 times “Avatar 2” – it’s still a long way to the world record

Even James Cameron isn’t quite sure that anyone will see “Avatar 2: The Way Of Water” 100 times in theaters. But the Dutchman Rick Pratjé did it – and even got a prize for it. Than In the first month after its theatrical release, he watched “Avatar 2” 50 times. For this he received a certificate from his cinema chain. But it will not enter the Guinness Book of Records for a long time. An American moved there in 2022 after seeing ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ in cinemas 292 times.

But Pratjé’s motivation is not such a record either. He was so excited about the movie that he usually had to watch “Avatar 2” at the cinema twice a day. He goes once to the Pathé cinema in the center of Tilburg and once to the Pathé Tilburg Stappegoor in a shopping center on the outskirts. There they know him and his visiting habits so well that they were able to surprise him for his 100th visit a few days ago. Because before the start of the film, a message from James Cameron and producer Jon Landau was recorded, which was then published on the Internet:

According to his own statement, the 59-year-old superfan Pratjé is also an enthusiastic moviegoer outside of “Avatar 2”. Thanks to a monthly subscription, he goes to the cinema about 500 times a year in addition to his regular work. But cinema and especially “Avatar 2” is a special experience for him.

Big plans for Avatar 3

That’s why he aims for more. When ‘Avatar 3’ appears at the end of 2024 and inspires him as much as he convinces, he will want to go to the cinema more often. His goal is to see the third part of his favorite film series more than a hundred times on the silver screen in the first month alone. To do this, Pratjé would have to go to the cinema at least three times a day, and even four times on some days. If we assume that “Avatar 3” is not much shorter than the more than 3 hours long “Avatar 2”, Pratjé should definitely take a whole month of vacation or quit his job/retire early.

Before then, he still has some time to plan. It’s about time he wanted to see more “Avatar 2” because even after 100 visits, it’s not over for him.

Character thought to be dead returns in “Avatar 3” – though she apparently died so brutally in “Avatar 2: The Way Of Water”.