It must have been hot on the set of “Manta, Manta 2”! After more than thirty years, the sequel to the German cult film “Manta, Manta” is coming to cinemas this week. The main roles are of course again embodied by star actor Til Schweiger (59) and Tina Ruland (56) aka Bertie and Uschi. Between the two characters, it should also be hot in the second part. Actually enjoyed tina the snogging with tile so much during the shooting that she didn’t want to stop…

In the Pictureinterview, she raved about her film kisses: “Mega! Still. Just like back then! It was just sensational.” Whereupon tile laughingly confirmed: “Tina kisses great, has wonderful lips. That was the case back then. And she hasn’t forgotten anything.” Further emphasized tina: You always asked for multiple takes of the kissing scenes! “She even complained!” recalled tile. “Well, it was like this: I have tina kissed very briefly and then called ‘Cut’! I shall Tinas never forget that pissed off look…”

Speaking of kissing – what about the actors’ private lives? “We’ve been a couple privately since the film. […] Small joke. I’m single and I’m really enjoying it right now,” she said tina. And tile? “It’s complicated… Next question please!” he just emphasized. Will you watch “Manta, Manta 2”? Vote!