Let’s Dance has already produced one or the other relationship! The dance show seems to get really hot – after all, one or the other celebrity has already found their better half in a professional dancer as part of the popular show. This is how presenter Rebecca Mir (31) and Massimo Sinató (42), but also Luca Hänni (28) and Christina Luft (33) got to know and love each other! This is not surprising for this year’s candidate Mimi Kraus (39)!

“You get to know each other so intensively within a very short time, so it’s no surprise that one or the other relationship emerges,” admits the athlete “Point 8” to. “The fact that you get tempted is not without it”, admits the former handball player. However, that was not an issue for Mimi himself and his partner Isabel Kraus. “It was totally easy with my wife. Mariia and Bella got along well,” he explains.

The fans of the show are currently rumored to be crackling between Timon Krause (28) and his dance partner Ekaterina Leonova (36). The two are said to have ended their relationship almost at the same time. “Ekat just stares Timon on,” noted one user Twitter. Other users probably share this opinion and write: “Can anyone tell me that between Ekat and Timon Nothing goes.”

Source: celebtap.com