Karina Wagner (27) enjoyed it! Viewers are currently seeing the former Bachelor candidate separated from her ex-partner Gustav Masurek (33) on Prominent. On the show, the ex-couple spoke out and appeared to have found peace with their split. Gustav also emphasized that he does not mind if carina flirting with another in front of his eyes. She then flirted with Marc-Robin. now there carina to: She liked his advances!

After a wild night of partying Marc Robin in front of the guys at the villa it was clear that he carina would not fall off the edge of the bed. To show his interest, the former Temptation Island contestant rubbed the brunette’s neck and hugged her. carina I didn’t mind – quite the opposite, she emphasizes celebrity flash: “I really enjoyed that. He could have done that more often.”

carina be sure that the flirt attempt by Marc Robin was not meant seriously. Also, she clarified that not Gustavs Presence was the reason why she did not get involved with Michelle’s ex at the moment. “At the end of the day, I’m single in there and I can decide for myself who I’m with and who I’m not with. [Gustavs] Comments were still just inappropriate and disgusting.”the 27-year-old knows.

Source: celebtap.com