Marc Terenzi (44) breaks his silence. The singer has made negative headlines in recent weeks: the daughter of one of his ex-girlfriends accuses the native American of having sexually molested her. Even after the separation, the musician is said to have continued to be close to the then 15-year-old. So far, the former king of the jungle had not commented on this – until now: Marc Terenzi now denies the allegations.

In its Instagramstory, the 44-year-old denies all allegations against him. “But it is very important to me to make it absolutely clear that I clearly and decisively reject the allegations against me.”, he now made his point clear. That’s why he’s now taking legal action against it. “I certainly haven’t done everything right in my life, on the contrary,” the singer admitted, but announced: “I will prove my innocence and hold the perpetrators of this slander accountable.”

His fiancee Verena Kerth (41) is still behind him despite these fierce allegations. And that, although things are probably not going so well for the two of them at the moment: Between the native American and the radio presenter, it is said that there was a big bang and even fisticuffs. The two were seen with injuries to their faces.