What great news from Mario (30) and Ann-Kathrin Götze (33)! The love story of the soccer world champion and the model reads like a picture book: the two have been married since May 2018 and make the absolute model couple. In 2020, their first child together saw the light of day: Rome (2) is the pride of the Götzes! And now the little man will probably also have a sibling: Ann-Kathrin is said to be pregnant again – with baby number two!

At least that’s what an insider says Picture: Mario and Ann-Kathrin are said to have been planning another child since last autumn – allegedly with success! Her second baby is expected to see the light of day at the end of this year. The mom is said to be in her fifth month of pregnancy. You should be able to see your baby bump clearly. They would have already told their closest circle of friends.

But if you look at their Instagram-Account looks like this, you notice: There’s no baby bump here yet! It is quite possible that Ann-Kathrin is currently still cleverly concealing her baby bump until the news is out. Do you think she is really pregnant and will express herself soon? Vote!

Source: celebtap.com