Sam Asghari (29) speaks plain text! In June 2022, the actor walked down the aisle with Britney Spears (41). But in the past few weeks, rumors of a marriage crisis had been circulating again and again. was a few days ago Sam then even without his wedding ring on the way – perhaps a sign? Sam now clarifies how it is about him and Britney stands.

How Page Six reported, the 29-year-old made a statement through his spokesman Brandon Cohen. The native of Iran asserts that there are no marital problems with him and the “Born to Make You Happy” interpreter. But why was Sam then without his wedding ring? The “Hot Seat” actor also has an answer for this: he had to take off the piece of jewelery due to filming for a film.

As he just a few days ago in an interview with TMZ had blurted out, he hopes to be able to stand in front of the camera with his wife soon. He already knows what genre the film should have: action. “She’s very athletic, so maybe…she can jump up and kick some people and do some stunts. She’d be really good at that.”had Sam explains his choice.