Maritta Krehl saw the separation coming. TV awareness was shared with Dominik Schmitt and Lars Steinhöfel (37) at The Summer House of the Stars. Since then, Almklausi’s (53) ex has been close friends with Dominik. The separation of the two men has also left its mark on her. Across from celebrity flash admits Maritta that she already knew that Dominik was unhappy in the relationship with Lars!

“Lars was abandoned, so the separation is particularly bad for him, but Nick is not doing well either,” says Maritta celebrity flash-Interview too. “I’ve known for a long time how unhappy he was in many aspects of the relationship. We had many intensive discussions about it.”, she continues. She thinks it’s better to end the relationship when you realize you’re unhappy and communication isn’t working properly.

Also, Maritta thinks it was time for Dominik to call it quits. “Now is the right time to break up before he maybe embarks on the big step of getting married, building a house and planning to adopt a child.”, explains the former model. She can understand Dominik well because she has just separated from her husband.