Peter and Jaqueline have finally put an end to their long-distance relationship! The Bavarian and the North Rhine-Westphalian said yes at first glance at their wedding last year. There was a direct spark between them – in the grand finale there was even talk of children and moving plans. However, the couple initially postponed the latter due to their different emotional tempo, until now: Jacqueline and Peter now live under one roof!

“A new phase of life is beginning! The time has finally come, the commute of 648 kilometers has come to an end after ten months”rejoiced Jacqueline in one Instagram-Contribution. She is closed Peter moved to Bavaria – in her profile description she has already specified Munich as her new place of residence. At some point you just get tired of falling asleep alone, discussing everything on the phone and going on dates alone, the blonde explained: “Moving may not be a big issue for many, but it means an incredible amount to us. We know it’s incredibly waiting special and exciting moments ahead.” A lot is changing in her life now.

In November of last year, the police officer and the former hospital employee emphasized that they would settle in a completely new place between their previous homes. “Our family and friends are of course very sad and will miss us. But they also wish us all the best and will support us in any way they can.”the couple had in one at this point celebrity flash-Interview explained.