For Kevin Bacon (64) it was love at first sight. In 1987, the actor met and fell in love with his wife Kyra Sedgwick (57). The two first met while filming the movie Lemon Sky. Just one year later, the couple dared to take the next step and tied the knot. The movie stars are still totally in love. How Kevin now betrayed, he was then from the first moment of Kyra enchanted!

“I was overwhelmed”says the 64-year-old in an interview with People from the moment he first saw his lover back on set. His first thought was how incredible the actress is. It was definitely love at first sight for the “Footloose” actor. But so does his wife Kyra?

The 57-year-old recalls being put off by the actor at first. She had therefore not directly promised a date. But after their first meeting, the “The Possession” actress was immediately aware that Kevin is right for her. “I remember waking up and thinking, ‘I feel right at home,'” the actress reveals.