Nothing works for Matze Höhn (27) without Jenefer Riili. The two Berlin – Tag & Nacht actors have a son together and are now known to their fans for the great co-parenting. But their relationship goes beyond that: Despite their split, the two are still very good friends and see each other regularly. And with his friendship with Jenni, Matze’s new girlfriend would also have to deal with it.

In a Instagram-Question round, Matze is asked if he would continue his friendship with Jenni if ​​he had a new love. And for the reality cast member, there seems to be only one answer. “That will definitely be the case. […] I’m going to communicate that very, very clearly right from the start and say, ‘Hey look, this is my kid’s mom, my best friend’ right from the start.“He clarifies. He has a lot of contact with Jenni and also does a lot with her. That simply has to be accepted: “I wouldn’t cut corners on a single thing.”

Because it works so well for Matze and Jenni as separated parents, they even started a vlog. But things didn’t seem to be going so well lately. The videos show that the 27-year-old was supposed to take his son to daycare, but he called mom in the morning to cancel. Of course, Jenni reacted accordingly irritated: “You didn’t think of that yesterday?”