Rhenzy Feliz starred in the “Marvel’s Runaways” series, which is set in the MCU but often ignored despite three seasons. Now he’s taking on one in The Penguin. He’s not the only new cast member for The Batman spin-off.

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The focus of “The Penguin” is the title character, replayed after Colin Farrell’s “The Batman.” The series for the American streaming service HBOMax follows the ending of “The Batman” and itself leads directly to “The Batman 2”. So it will be like “The Batman 1.5” – even if the Dark Knight himself may not appear.

After Farrell and only Cristin Milioti have been confirmed as Sofia Falcone, the daughter of the late mob boss who seizes power in Gotham, there’s now a slew of casting announcements.

Rhenzy Feliz leads the way. The protagonist of the MCU series “Marvel’s Runaways” will play the third leading role in the new DC series alongside Farrell and Milioti. Officially, his share is still kept secret, but the trade journals are already reporting that that he plays a young man who befriends the penguin and becomes the driver.

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The series creators around producer and “The Batman” director Matt Reeves, lead writer Lauren LeFranc (“Impulse”) and director Craig Zobel (“Mare Of Easttown”), who directs the first three episodes, could use Feliz’s role as a character. of identification for the audience, also as the character through whose eyes you experience the story a bit.

Disney and his partners Rhenzy Feliz in “Marvel’s Runaways”.

Three other established actors were also cast in supporting roles. What roles House Of Cards star Michael Kelly, The Expanse star Shohreh Aghdashloo and Deirdre O’Connell (Forget Me Not!) will play is still a mystery.

Shooting “The penguinbegin later this month. A total of eight episodes are being produced. The series should appear in 2024.

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