Ant-Man: And The Wasp: Quantumania is the first MCU title of 2023 – and it won’t be the last. But there will probably not be as many films & series as actually planned for 2023. Because there is a palpable oversaturation, which is now being responded to.

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Please note, update from 6:15 pm: This message has been updated after publication because there is now a shift in cinema films and not just in Disney + series. The original article only included the likely series territory shifts, the “The Marvels” shifts now officially announced by Disney were added later. Below is the actual article:

Perhaps one or the other remembers: when Kevin Feige announced a few years ago that three MCU films would be released every year starting in 2017, voices warned of oversaturation. That may be too much. But most Marvel fans disagreed. Too many? There isn’t any.

A few years later, some people may have changed their mind. With four tightly scheduled theatrical movies and countless series on Disney+ starting in 2024, it feels like there’s a new MCU title playing somewhere almost every minute. Three will hit theaters in 2022 (“Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness”, “Thor: Love And Thunder”, “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever”) and two Marvel specials (“Werewolf By Night”, “The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special), three series seasons (Moon Knight, Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk: The Lawyer) and a short series (I Am Groot) on Disney+, even fewer than originally planned, as “Secret Invasion had to be postponed to 2023 at short notice.

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So much “content” can not only lead to fan saturation, but also diminish Marvel boss Kevin Feige’s impact on quality. Because he can no longer be heavily involved in everything. And he also sees a problem and has just promised change that is already starting, if the Hollywood Reporter is to be believed.

Kevin Feige promises fewer series on Disney +

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Feige was just asked about the abundance of content that seems overwhelming for audiences. It wasn’t just about Marvel titles, but the general situation with new Netflix series etc almost every day. Feige explained that so far Marvel’s strength has been to keep up with the zeitgeist, but: “It’s getting harder to keep up with to fit the zeitgeist when there are so many products, while having so much ‘content’, that’s a word I hate.”

He continued, “But we with Marvel Studios and the MCU projects want to excel and be above that. As we go deeper into Phases 5 and 6, people will see that. The pace at which we put shows on Disney+ will change so everyone has a chance to shine.”

When asked, he explicitly confirmed this that by “changing the speed” he means on the one hand that fewer series will appear on Disney +, but also that they will appear at greater intervals from each other.

“Loki”, “Ironheart” & Co.: big changes already in 2023?

And as the Hollywood Reporter trade magazine reports, the first consequences are already taking place at the behest of Disney. All series are scrutinized and there should be shifts. Guaranteed for 2023 are only “Secret invasion‘and the second season’Loki“.

However, with the larger intervals announced by Feige, in our view, even these could be affected by intra-year shifts. It was recently said that “Secret Invasion” will be released in the spring, “Loki” in the summer. But since autumn, when people spend more time in front of the TV, is particularly suitable for the start of series, the date will not be missing. Moving “Loki” there would also fit Feige’s “more distance” statement.

While they’ve long been concluded, other series such as the Hawkeye spin-off Echo and the first solo series for Black Panther 2’s introduced Riri Williams, aka Ironheart, may be shelved. The Hollywood reporters calls it “unlikely” that “Echo” and “Ironheart” will be released in 2023 as previously planned.

Bad news for “Daredevil” fans?

For “Daredevil” fans in particular, this message means they may have to wait a little longer. Based on what is known so far, must be the next seriesDaredevil: Born Again‘ must be played after ‘Echo’. However, if “Echo” is pushed back to 2024 and you want to have more space between series, the previously planned start of “Daredevil: Born Again” in spring 2024 can no longer be sustained.

So even if the Hollywood Reporter doesn’t mention the title in its report, it’s entirely possible that Charlie Cox’s series will return, as Matt Murdock isn’t coming to Disney+ until late 2024 or even 2025. Other series still in early development, such as a possible “Nova” series, have to take a back seat and are unlikely to get the green light anytime soon.

Update: “The Marvels” is also postponed

In addition, Marvel has now postponed a movie. Actually, the sequel to “Captain Marvel” should “The miracles‘ will hit theaters at the end of July 2023. Now the movie has been delayed to November 10, 2023 in the USshould the new German date then be November 8 or 9, 2023.

This straightens out the dates for the MCU movies a bit. So far, after the current launch in February “Ant-Man And The Wasp: Quantumania”, there was “Guardians Of The Galaxy 3” in May 2023 and then “The Marvels” in July 2023 and then a very long hiatus until ” Capt. America”. : New World Order” in May 2024.

However, the number of publications does not seem to have changed.

More class than mass

The ulterior motive for the series plans is clear, the Hollywood Reporter speaks of a “massive correction” that could also affect the entire industry. It’s about producing more class than mass. An insider summarizes the situation as follows: “You can have 10 mediocre shows or 5 great shows, people stick with Disney+!”

But the advantage of five beautiful series is of course that you only have to produce half of them and therefore probably drive a lot cheaper. Not to mention that the great series do not damage the reputation of the brand, unlike the mediocre ones.

There’s still no official confirmation of Disney+’s launch dates for the series, and that’s not to be expected any time soon. In most cases, the specific dates for MCU series are only announced relatively shortly before the start. The changes seem to have an effect on streaming output in particular, despite the fact that a cinema film has now been released. In the cinema, for example, a film was postponed for several months, but that did not change the quantity. There doesn’t seem to be any deviation from the four MCU movies per year from 2024.

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