Meet Amy Ferson, First Ex-Wife of T.J. Holmes
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American journalist Amy Ferson was the editor of T.J. Holmes’ first wife and a well-known journalist. The couple married in 2007 after several years of cohabitation. They had two children together.

T. J. Holmes, Amy Ferson’s ex-husband, is an American journalist and national television personality.

While working as a presenter and correspondent for the American cable television CNN, Holmes gained his first national fame.

Amy is a very private person. Therefore, since her divorce from T. J. Holmes, no new information about Amy has been made public. It is not known whether she has remarried or is still single.

As for her personal life, Amy Ferson has not shared many details and our sources have no specific information about where she is currently living.

Meet Amy Ferson, First Ex-Wife of T.J. Holmes
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She is known as a national TV personality.

Early Life & Childhood

Although Amy has not disclosed her date of birth to the public, it is generally assumed that she was born around the late 1970s, which means that she is in her mid-forties by 2022.

She is a mixed-race child of American nationality.

Very little is known about Amy’s early years, as she prefers to keep her life private.

She was born and raised in the United States and Amy’s parents are of American and Zambian descent.

Amy was only three years old and her parents were divorced. Amy’s mother was born in Seattle, Washington.

Amy is a political consultant and journalist in the United States. Very little is known about her career.

On the other hand, some sources reveal that she has a growing career in a government agency. She deals with luxury houses and apartments and her area of activity is real estate management.

Some sources also claim that she has worked for Baxter Pharmaceuticals in Fayetteville, NC.

She is not active on social media.

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She has never disclosed where she was educated or the name of the college where she obtained her degree.

Although it has not been confirmed, some sources reveal that they have heard that Ferson graduated in psychology from Kennesaw State University – Kennesaw, GA.

Amy Ferson Height, Weight, And Body Measurements

Amy Ferson looks like a truly attractive and compassionate woman.

She is 175 cm and 6 inches tall. We have no information on her weight, but it seems that her approximate weight is about 50 to 55 kg.

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However, regardless of her outward appearance, Amy radiates incredible grace and elegance.

Amy has a positive outlook on life and a cheerful demeanor. Her eyes and hair are dark.

The Short-Lived Marriage Of Amy Ferson, And T.J. Holmes

T. J. Holmes and Amy Ferson were married until their divorce in 2007. Although it is not clear when they were officially married, given their ages, it is assumed that it was in the early 2000s.

This would mean that they were only married for a short time. According to some sources, their relationship was complicated, with several problems which they were unable to resolve.

Amy was married to T.J. Holmes, with whom she had a son and a daughter.. Brianna Holmes and Jaiden Holmes are the names of her two children.

Although we do not know their exact ages, we can infer that they are either in their teens or 20s, based on the time when their parents were married.

Who Is Amy’s Ex-Husband, T.J. Holmes?

T.J. Holmes, her ex-husband, rose to fame after working for five years for CNN as a presenter and correspondent. In 2011, he left the network and signed a contract with BET, which runs until 2013.

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In addition, in December 2012, Holmes worked as a freelance correspondent for CNN, as a backup weekend anchor for MSNBC.

On 27 September 2014, he joined ABC News Good Morning America, where he is currently a host and correspondent.

From 2015 to 2016, he served as host of Way Too Early on MSNBC as part of his job.

Additionally, he has worked as Glenn Beck’s news anchor at TheBlaze TV. He has been the host of Real News on TheBlaze TV.

While Glenn Beck was on tour with his show Unelectable, he was co-host of his segment on Fox News.

He has additionally worked as a contributor for NBC throughout his career.

Did Amy Ferson Remarry?

It is not known whether Amy Ferson remarried after her divorce.

Because she is so secretive, as has already been established, very little is revealed about her relationship.

It has been a very long time since her divorce. We cannot, therefore, assume that this is her relationship status.

Amy Ferson’s Net Worth 

The actual net worth of Amy Ferson is not known to the general public from reliable sources.

Meet Amy Ferson, First Ex-Wife of T.J. Holmes

Given her celebrity status, career, and popularity, which is probably the reason for her main source of income, it is estimated to be between 500 000 and 1 million US dollars.

Although it is not possible to determine Amy Ferson’s exact net worth, it is speculated that she may have accumulated considerable wealth over the years through her association with well-known figures such as T. J. Ferson. Holmes.

However, Amy Ferson prefers to keep the details of her wealth secret.

Final Verdict

Amy Ferson is well known for her prominent social media celebrity status in the United States, which she acquired as the former first wife of the well-known American author T.J. Holmes.

After her divorce, she avoided media attention, so we cannot ascertain her whereabouts.

Some sources reveal that she moved to Web City, Missouri, after the divorce, but there is no specific information on her whereabouts or career.