Bobby Caldwell, the famous American singer-songwriter, had two beautiful twin daughters, Lauren and Tessa, who were born in 1993.

Although his relationship with their mother, Rina, was not working, he expressed his feelings for love in his music through the song “Where is Love”.

Bobby remained actively involved in recording and touring throughout the 2000s, showcasing his talent and passion for music.

In 2004, Bobby Caldwell married Mary Caldwell, and the couple have lived together ever since.

They shared a beautiful family with their children and enjoyed life on a horse farm in New Jersey.

Sadly, Bobby Caldwell passed away while still living on the ranch, leaving his loved ones and fans in mourning for his loss.

Despite the ups and downs of his personal life, Bobby Caldwell was a talented artist who created beautiful music that touched many hearts.

His legacy lives on through his work and his family continues to cherish his memory.

The Early Life of Bobby Caldwell

A talented musician, Bobby Caldwell was born in Manhattan but spent most of his childhood in Miami, Florida.

His mother was a real estate agent and through her work she became friends with the famous reggae singer Bob Marley. Growing up in Miami, Bobby was exposed to a wide variety of music genres, including Haitian, Latin, Reggae and R&B.

Bobby was a multi-talented performer who sang and played various musical instruments. At age 17, he began working with a band in Las Vegas before moving to Los Angeles to pursue his passion for music.

Bobby’s breakthrough came in the early 1970s when he worked as a rhythm guitarist for the legendary Little Richard.

After returning to the studio, Bobby Caldwell wrote and composed the hit “What You Won’t Do for Love” within two days.

The record label TK, which mainly catered to the African American public, released the song. It quickly gained popularity, charting in the top ten on Billboard magazine’s Hot 100, R&B, and Adult Contemporary lists.

Despite Bobby’s success, he remained humble and continued to create timeless music that appealed to his fans.

Bobby Caldwell’s journey in the music industry inspired many aspiring artists and left an indelible mark on the music world.

Caldwell’s death

Bobby Caldwell, the famed singer and songwriter behind R&B classics like “What You Won’t Do For Love” and “Open Your Eyes,” has passed away at the age of 71. The news was confirmed in a statement from his wife, Mary Caldwell.

According to the statement, Bobby passed away at home, surrounded by his loved ones.

Mary expressed her deep sorrow and stated that she held him tightly in her arms as he left. She also thanked everyone who prayed for Bobby as he struggled with health issues over the years.

Bobby Caldwell’s hit “What You Won’t Do For Love” climbed the Billboard 100 charts after its release in 1978, becoming a timeless classic that transcends generations.

Many renowned artists including Tupac Shakur, Common and John Legend have sampled his music, demonstrating his lasting influence on the music world.

Despite his passing, Bobby Caldwell’s legacy will live on through his music, which continues to inspire and uplift people around the world.