Meet Zuleika Bronson, Daughter Of Charles And Actress Jill Ireland
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Zuleika Bronson is the daughter of the late actor Charles and actress Jill Ireland.

She was born on 14 November 1990 in Los Angeles, California, to a marriage that lasted more than two decades – a testament to both her parents’ powerful pairing and their celebrity status!

Charles was famous for his villainous roles in films, and he did it better than ever. And her mother, Jilly, also an actress, became famous for her roles in “Heartbreak”, “Death Wish II” and others.

Zuleika has also been out of the limelight since her parents passed away. Zuleika has not worked in the entertainment industry as her family did. What is she doing now? Where is she now?

Let’s find out the answers to these questions, as well as some fascinating information about her.

Zuleika Bronson Early Life and Childhood

Zuleika, the youngest child of Charles Bronson and Jill Ireland, was born in 1972. From 2022. She is 50 years old. As she grew up with her brothers, she was not her parents’ only child.

Meet Zuleika Bronson, Daughter Of Charles And Actress Jill Ireland
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Tony Bronson, Catherine Holden Bronson, Susan Bronson, Val McCallum, Jason McCallum, and Paul McCallum were Zuleika’s childhood friends. She is a citizen of the United States of America and is of mixed descent.

As regards her education, she is a well-educated woman who graduated from a well-known university. However, no specific information about her education has yet been made public.

Although Zuleika does not have a dedicated Wikipedia page, her Wikipedia can be found on several other websites.

The Love That Zuleika Received From Her Parents 

Charles is renowned as the best actor of all time. The man was famous for his brutal personality that made everyone tremble.

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Her father, Charles, suddenly got a new burst of energy shortly after Zuleika’s birth. He was the first to rush into her room in the morning to see her bright smile.

The award-winning actor kept all his daughter’s favorite crayons, paper airplanes, miniature books, and glass balls in a drawer reserved just for her.

Her Relationship With Six Siblings

The Bronson family had several children in addition to the celebrity child. Suzanne and Tony Bronson, children of their father’s first marriage, and Jason, Val, and Paul McCallum, children of their mother’s first marriage, each had two children.

Sadly, in 1989, her elder brother Jason took a drug overdose and died.

Meet Zuleika Bronson, Daughter Of Charles And Actress Jill Ireland

The only child between Charles and Jill who was born naturally was Zuleika, who was also the youngest. In addition to Zuleika, the deceased couple had adopted a daughter, Katherine Holden Bronson.

All seven Bronson children lived carefree lives in their father’s Malibu mansion. All seven children are still close to each other after their parent’s deaths.

Zuleika’s Love For Animals

Zuleika’s parents named their colonial house in West Windsor, Vermont, after their youngest daughter. The Bronson family spent a lot of time on the farm, where they raised many horses and other animals.

Zuleika spent a lot of time with horses as a child, which contributed to her passion for them. She received specialized training as her parents were aware of their daughter’s interest in horses from an early age.

Later, when she was a teenager, she took up horse riding.

Zuleika Bronson Professional Life

Zuleika keeps his work history and career private. As soon as she makes any announcements about her profession or career, we will keep you informed. Her father, Charles Bronson, was a talented actor who appeared in various films and television programs.

Charles was born on 3 November 1921 to Walter P. Buinski (father) and Mary. (mother). In 1949, Charles made his acting debut as Cooper in the television series “Campfire Theatre”.

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In addition, his appearances in The Magnificent Seven, The Great Escape (1963), Once Upon a Time in the West (1968), and Death Wish (1974) helped him to become extremely well-known (1974).

His biography can also be found on Wikipedia and many other websites.

Zuleika’s mother, Jill, began her acting career in the mid-1950s with small roles in films such as Simon and Laura (1955) and Three Men in a Boat (1956). Later, she starred in Hell Divers and The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

Zuleika Bronson Personal Life

Zuleika is currently single, so she talked about that. She keeps her personal affairs and relationships secret as she prefers to live a low-key life without media and public attention.

Also, at the moment, she has not had an affair with any of her boyfriends or boyfriends. She has also avoided controversies as she avoids attracting media attention.

But before she met Charles, her mother, Jill Ireland, was already married to David McCallum. She and Davis had three children.

She then divorced and married Charles Bronson. Unfortunately, breast cancer claimed the life of Zuleika’s mother at the age of 54. Charles, her father, left this world at the age of 81 due to pneumonia.

Zuleika Bronson’s Parents & Their Relationship

Her parents, Charles and Jill, had an interesting first meeting in 1962. Jill was married at the time to Scottish actor David McCallum. Charles and David were working together on The Great Escape at the time.

News reports say that Bronson informed David at the time that he would soon marry his bride. Although David must have laughed at his colleague’s remark, as fate would have it, he ended up marrying his bride.

Meet Zuleika Bronson, Daughter Of Charles And Actress Jill Ireland

A year after Jill’s divorce from her first husband, David MacCallum, the late couple renewed their vows. After their marriage, the couple settled in a luxurious Bel Air estate.

Throughout their relationship, Jill and Charles were Hollywood’s favorite couple. Their bond and love together were unconditional and seemed out of this world.

The Death Of Her Parents 

On 18 May 1990, her mother Jill died suddenly. She was not even 54 years old. The cause of Jill’s death was breast cancer. She was initially diagnosed in 1984.

After her cancer diagnosis, Zuleika wrote two novels describing her experiences. At the time of her death, she was working on a third novel.

Zuleika’s father, Charles, was in declining health. In August 1998 he underwent hip surgery. The well-known actor died on 30 August 2003 at the age of 81.

Charles and Jill are both buried in Brownsville Cemetery, West Windsor, Vermont.

Height, Weight, and Body Measurements

Julie is 175 cm tall and weighs about 55 kg. She also has stunning blonde hair and lovely brown eyes, which make her look stunning.

Social Media status and Net worth

Some sources claim that Zuleika has a net worth of around USD 1 million, which allows her to live a luxurious lifestyle. Moreover, her father was a wealthy man with a net worth of USD 65 million.

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Where Is Zuleika Bronson Now?

After all these years, we are sure that many of you are quite curious to know where Zuleika is. Although Zuleika has never appeared in public, her sister Catherine, who is an accomplished film director, often appears on camera.

We have found out that Zuleika currently lives in Los Angeles, California. Beyond that, not much is known about Zuleika.