She thinks it’s great! In September 2022, Aurora Ramazzotti (26) announced good news: she is expecting a baby. At the end of March the time had finally come and their little son Cesare saw the light of day. The beautiful daughter of Michelle Hunziker (46) and Eros Ramazzotti (59) made her parents grandma and grandpa. And Michelle couldn’t be happier about that!

“I’m so happy”says the presenter on the Italian talk show missimo. “I still see my daughter as a child, but she’s 26 now and a mother,” she said Michelle. She was even there when her grandson was born. And her ex-husband is also very happy, the blonde reveals: “Even grandfather Eros is super excited. Life is always an obstacle course, but these events change our existence.”

finds her status as a young granny Michelle great and would like to encourage others to speak openly about it: “There are a lot of 40-year-old grandpas and grandmas who are afraid to say it. […] Be proud you are not old! You’re just a grandparent part.”